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Q.  Why the Dragon and Phoenix Logo for Sparks and Leaps?
A. Dragons represent both chaos and powerful opportunity. They appear in almost every culture, and are ancient as well as a part of pop culture . They embody earth, air, fire, and water and can be both masculine and feminine. They can be providers of good fortune or hoarders of treasure. Dragon characters range from dangerous and scary to sweet and friendly. They can be tiny or enormous. The mercurial nature of these beasts makes them ideal for the paradoxes of the times we live in and the ways in which we approach change.  Rather than seeing them as adversaries to fight, we advocate embracing them as fierce allies that can assist with alchemical shifts. Dragons are often paired with the Phoenix, the mythical firebird found in many cultures as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. This pair is portrayed as the ultimate Yin and Yang of perfect Feng Shui harmony.

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