Resources and links

Neuroscientist, Dr. Kelly McGonigal's TedTalk about the benefits of stress.

"How to Make Stress Your Friend"

Psychology Today article by Abagail Brenner M.D. on Five Ways Rituals help Guide You Through Transitions

Martha Beck's blog post Growing Wings, The Power Of Change

Raphael Cushnir's O Magaazine Article on Two Questions That Could Change Your Life

Review of SARKs practical and delightful book Glad No Matter What, Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity

William Bridges' book Transitions was a lifesaver for me and I still refer to it often

All four of these books by Pema Chodron are perfect for helping navigate transitions.

All of Cheri Huber's books are handwritten and illustrated easy and fast reads that are profoundly helpful. When You Are Falling, Dive is perfect for transitions and not to be mistaken for another excellent book with the same title by Mark Matousek.

Neuroscientist Dr. Rick Hanson video on Taking In The Good


Dr Shefali's Wisdom 2.0 video on Pain as a Portal to Consciousness

Barbara Bizrou's video on The Importance of Family Rituals

Article from on Why Play Matters For Adults

I can't recommend the book Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach highly enough.


Bruce Lipton's IONS speech on The Biology of Belief

Christine Sutherland's PDF on Using NLP to Re-write Personal History

Stuart Brown's TedTalk Play is More Than Fun; It Is Vital

Ridvan Foxhall's article on 10 Benefits of Family Rituals and traditions

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