Is your family in the midst of a transition?

Perhaps a divorce, a loss, a new marriage, integration of stepchildren, or a move?

Are you feeling stuck between your old and new life?

If all of your disciplined hard work and whatever you are doing to manage your challenges is helping your family, then carry on!

If however, you would like to lighten up your transition and awaken a spirit of curiosity to explore previously unconsidered possibilities, AND have fun, read on!

Sparks & Leaps offers a completely different response to the usual coping, fixing or healing strategies.

I invite you to consider a playful and joyful celebration, customized for your family and unique situation.

Together, we will discover and amplify hidden gifts and use them to shift your focus and create movement.

If this sounds too frivolous or impractical, please take a moment to check out the 13 practical and serious benefits of celebration and the background of Sparks & Leaps.

This process can be a powerful game changer. It is easy, fun, affordable and works with all ages, from the youngest children to the oldest adults. And you don't have to leave home. I bring my expertise based on decades of research and experience to your family via the phone or Skype.

If this SPARKS your interest, consider taking a LEAP of faith to set up your 30 minute session for a Sparks & Leaps celebration.

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